Getting Started With CTS

What is CTS?

CTS stands for Church Training Service and is a program that has existed among Free Will Baptists for more than 50 years. It is organized as a way for churches to help students develop a deeper knowledge of scripture while also identifying and honing talents for use in the local church. The program is designed to be a ministry development tool and should be used as part of an overall discipleship plan.

Students can participate in CTS by choosing from a variety of categories including Bible Memorization, Bible Games, Music Performance, Drama, and Art. Many of these categories also offer both an individual and team option. Once a student chooses the category (-ies) he or she would like to pursue, the CTS Sponsor at the church should provide structured opportunities for study, practice, and sharing while also encouraging parents to set aside time at home for similar activities.

It is the goal of this program to encourage perspective and community among Free Will Baptist young people while also driving home the importance of discipline and development. Although much of the instruction and evaluation will be coordinated through the church, the involvement of parents at home is crucial.

Once a student (or team) reaches proficiency, we encourage the church to find appropriate ways to highlight these accomplishments while also offering the opportunity for students to participate in the national CTS Ministry Expo.

What is the CTS Ministry Expo?

The CTS Ministry Expo (often called “competition”) is the national element of this program provided by D6 Family Ministry that takes place at the Vertical Three Conference and allows students from across the country to participate in competitive activities as a fun way to encourage study and proficiency across many disciplines.

Each spring, thousands of students begin by participating at a local expo sponsored by either the district or state association of Free Will Baptists in their area. Those students who place first in their category (first or second in any Bible Category) at their district expo are able to move on to the state expo with the possibility of moving on to the national CTS Ministry Expo held every July.

Involvement in the national CTS Ministry Expo is not a requirement for participation in CTS but it does provide a wonderful outlet for those who are able to attend. Ask your CTS sponsor about information related to the V3 Conference or contact us at

6 Steps for Getting Started with CTS

Step 1

Download Getting Started Guide
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Step 2

Order the CTS Digital Bundal (inclues the CTS Ministry Expo Guidelines & the CTS Bible Study Pack)

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Step 3

Meet with students & parents

Step 4

Study. Practice. Repeat.

Step 5

Share with church and/or community

Step 6

Enter CTS Ministry Expo
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