YET 2023

Join us in congratulating Austin Riggs (OK), Foster Beck (TN), Opal Beck (TN), Lily Evans (MO), Allee Taylor (AL), Elena Vazquez (CA), Mallie Clifton (MO), Mark Blackwell (TN), Rachael Wilkerson (TN), Caleb Carroll (NC), Chase Branscum (OK), Allie Garren (MO), and Andy Garren (MO).

What is YET?

The Youth Evangelistic Team (YET) comprises Free Will Baptist teenagers from across the country who have shown a high proficiency in either music or drama during the CTS Ministry Expo. Each summer, these students meet, train, and tour to serve various ministries and communities with their talents while pointing everyone they meet to the Creator and Author of their gifts, Jesus Christ.

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